A Gritty Reboot – The New Music Court on our Second Anniversary

28 May

The clock has been moved forward

The Music Court has now officially been around for over two years! Time does fly when your posting about music. Now that the blog has grown up in blog years, I think it deserves a makeover. As you can see the old theme is no more. I’m happy with this new theme. It is bolder and wider. I feel like it is more inviting and a little easier to read. All of the content is still there. Categories are now listed on the left-hand side of your screen.

The Music Court categories have also undergone a transformation. This change will continue over the next week. The new category ARCHIVES houses antiquated categories that have been moves to the back vault. Some categories have received name changes and all categories have received a blurb written about their content which can be unlocked by hovering your pointer over the category name.

Summer is a great time for the Music Court. For the past two years it has meant that I have more time on my hands. This summer should be no different. Therefore, I am embarking on the 60’s Band of the Week challenge once again. Let me break this down for some newer readers. In High School, I compiled a tremendous binder of materials about every 60s band I could find. The binder is not genre biased. It is made up of both bands and solo artists. Of course it does not represent the whole of 60s music. That is practically impossible. But I can confidently say that I have compiled a solid list of musicians, some well known and some underground. Starting next week this category will be back up and running.

Three new Music Court categories will be revealed tomorrow. If you have any ideas for categories feel free to e-mail me at musiccourt@gmail.com. New bands or artists can also e-mail that address for a chance to be featured on the blog. There are bands currently on the list! Follow the Music Court on twitter (@musiccourt) and on Facebook (The Music Court Blog).

Until tomorrow, here is one of my favorite summer songs for your listening pleasure:

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