New Music Court Categories

29 May

Happy Mardi - I mean - Memorial Day

Well nobody prevented me from posting this unsettling photograph on the blog, so here it is. Jesters playing drums. A perfect picture to represent this post: New Music Court Categories.

As stated yesterday, The Music Court will unveil new summer categories…right now! I know aren’t you excited? Alright let me shut-up and get to them.

Surprising Facts About Popular Songs

Guess what this category is going to explore? Did you know that “Centerfold,” the hit by The J. Geils Band about a man who is shocked to find out that his High School crush has grown up to become the centerfold of a “girly” magazine, could very possibly be about lead singer Peter Wolf’s past relationship with Prime Cut actress Angel Tompkins? Hint: she was in Playboy. This category, which will premiere and stay in the Tuesday posting slot, will provide you with fun facts about popular songs. You will want to pay attention to this information because…

Music Trivia

It has finally arrived. Every other Friday, readers will have a chance to answer difficult music trivia questions. The questions will run the gamut of era and genre. From 60’s bubblegum pop to 90’s alternative rock, Music Trivia will test your music knowledge. Questions will be multiple choice and will be posted up like a poll, so after you answer the question you can see what others thought. The poll style is for your convenience, but make sure to also post your answers in a comment. If the response is solid, prizes will be awarded to the first person who gets all the answers correct in that week’s post. I know what you are thinking. Can’t we just use Google? Yes, technically you can, but we at the Music Court go by the “fun” and “challenging” honor code. Games like Music Trivia and Musical Lexicon are supposed to make you think. Cheating is taking the easy way out.

Same Artist, Different Place

The last new category this summer will explore the journey that musicians take before landing in a successful band (or many). For example, Jeff Lynne was an up-and-coming musicians in the Idle Race before forming the more popular Electric Light Orchestra. Every musicians has a start.

A very Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I’m looking forward to a wonderful summer on The Music Court

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