The Alternates Sing of The Modern Way

11 Jun

Never underestimate the power of a band of friends. The Alternates, a group of six good friends, formed in Los Angeles and have been playing music together for over seven years. You can actually hear the friendship in their guitar-driven melodies and effortless harmonies. The band meshes like a comfortable couch and a good book. We catch the band a few days before the digital release of their first EP Spiders and Webs, a solid debut that ranges from folk/Americana to hard-hitting rock. Let’s dive into The Alternates this Saturday afternoon.

“The Modern Way”

This five-minute biting attack at of the world’s overconsumption and destruction of the environment is carried by strong harmonies, skillful drumming, well-placed electric guitar and a neat acoustic chord progression. I specifically enjoy the Modern Way harmonic lyrical cut-ins that provide the listener with a chance to catch their breath. The guitar solo at the four-minute mark provides the song with a refreshing Americana input.

Spiders and Webs”

“Spiders and Webs” is the title track of The Alternates EP. It features a sharp, head-bopping moving rhythm that tinkers with elements of raw early hard rock while grasping on to slight Indie sentiments. But the hard guitar certainly prevails and it takes the form of an expedited, but enjoyable rock burst.

Spiders and Webs will be released online on June 14 and currently the band is offering free downloads of songs “The Modern Way” and “Slow and Steady” on their website. You can also follow the band on twitter and facebook by following these links. If you live in the California area, The Alternates may be coming to a venue near you. Check out the dates below.

May 18th- House of Blues- Sunset Strip

June 16th- Queen Bee’s- San Diego

June 17th- TRiP- Santa Monica

June 18th- Good Hurt- West Los Angeles

June 21st- Blue Cafe- Long Beach, CA

June 22nd- Frog and Peach- San Luis Obispo

June 23rd- Grant And Green- San Francisco, CA

June 25th- Brainwash Cafe- San Francisco

June 28th- Skylark Cafe & Club- Seattle, Washington

June 29th- Platform Booking- Spokane, Washington

June 30th- Twilight Bar- Portland, Oregon

July 3rd – Moe’s Alley- Santa Cruz CA

July 5th- El Cid- Los Angeles, California

One Response to “The Alternates Sing of The Modern Way”

  1. Vicki Walker June 12, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    “The Modern Way” is a great song! Can’t wait to hear more of their music!

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