Teebs – Ardour

19 Jun

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Be sure to call up your dad, especially if he introduced you to good tunes! And regardless if that is possible, be sure to take a listen to those tunes in his name!

With summer well underway, I bring you today a very interesting experimental artist from a very sunny place. Hailing from California, Teebs is one of the frontrunners of a new wave of music coming from the West Coast. Under the Brainfeeder label which Flying Lotus created, Teebs’ debut album, Ardour, presents us with highly hypnotic, electronic, hip-hoppish, beats. It is very experimental and definitely psychedelic, just look at the album cover in this youtube video for proof.

This song, Arthur’s Birds, starts off with a short sea-side bell and some ambient motor noises. It hums and warps for a bit before a vibrant fuzzy warm melody washes everything over. Made of synthesizers and bells, it resembles listening to Christmas music on a sunny beach.

Teebs shortly thereafter creates a very unique beat using only what seems to be filters and the resonance on the synths. It stalls for a second reminding you of the melody and then the beat drops again, this time with bass spicing it up.

The rest of the song essentially is this beat. The dreamy synths make you feel like you are floating in warm water while the beat gives off just the right amount of verve to create this sensation of awesomeness. Such emotions are hard to encompass and experimental hip-hop is the perfect medium.

Now listen to this song You’ve Changed:

The intro is much quicker. It sounds like the menu screen of some video game. Quickly some clicking noises in the background arise, creating a distraction for the coming transition. The original noises ease into something simpler and more relaxing. The bass then completes the song.

The song is fairly short, but it does not fail to entertain. It ebbs and flows as the beat slowly morphs, at certain points cutting the bass only to have it drop back in shortly thereafter. In my opinion this is the closest you can come to dance music without actually crossing over to the that dark side. It should become a new genre of music called “sway music”.

The entire is filled to the brim with songs like this. Short and sweet melodic goodness for the ear with the added beats that give it that swagger that makes you want to go outside and do anything you want. My only qualm with it is, if you cannot already tell, that the songs are quite repetitive. Nothing Magic can’t help anyway, and at least the artist gets the moods across and that’s all that matters.

Basically, it is a perfect example of that summer feeling which is so key to the psychedelic mindset, something I will definitely be exploring in future posts. And as for the repetitiveness of Teeb’s beats, they are just yearning to be remixed. DJ’s and the like, have at em!



P.S. No P.S. Today, enjoy the rest of the day!

One Response to “Teebs – Ardour”

  1. whenindoubtturnitup July 20, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    I like it…refreshing sound…definitley something that i’ve never heard before. It reminds me of the wind, how it gets louder and then softer.

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