Happy Independence Day – – – U2 Class Act, Songs for the Fourth

4 Jul

I don’t talk about U2 much on this blog because I admit I am not the biggest U2 fan. They are just not exactly my cup of tea. That being said, I still recognize them as a fantastic band and lead singer Bono as one of the better frontmen ever. But I feel the need to post about them today after watching an inspirational and extremely heart-warming video from their recent concert in Nashville.

After U2 finished the concert and took a bow, Bono noticed a blind man in the crowd holding up a sign reading that he wanted to play a song for his wife. Many musicians, especially those who can sell out massive arenas, would most likely ignore the sign, throw a piece of memorabilia in the stands and then walk off stage to the catered post-show dinner. But, not Bono. Bono walked to the man and asked him what he would like to play. The blind man’s answer was “All I Want Is You.” Bono preceded to help the man onto the stage and provide him with his custom-made acoustic guitar to play. First Bono, and then all of U2 played “All I Want Is You” as the self-proclaimed nervous fan (I think I understand his jitters) strummed the chords on the acoustic. After the song, the man attempts to give Bono his guitar back, but Bono placed it back into the fan’s hands and told him to keep it. What a special moment.

That is beyond classy, it’s noble. It demonstrates Bono’s level-headed kindness. Star musicians like Bono can provide fans with lifelong stories through small, kind actions. Bono, though, took it a bit further, and for that he gets a standing ovation from me.

Also, since it is the fourth, I thought it would be wise to include a list of solid songs for the holiday. Here is a fun, unconventional list compiled by PopMatters. Enjoy. http://www.popmatters.com/pm/post/144498-the-fourth-of-july-through-the-years/

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