Madonna as Number One Artist on Rolling Stone’s Queens of Pop list

9 Jul

Hi all,

I was recently perusing through the relentless abyss of internet musical commentary when I decided to check out one of the ultimate staples in entertainment journalism, Rolling Stone. The website posted a super neato ranking of the modern queens of pop, with selection determined by readers.

First of all, I want to shake the hand of whoever is responsible for placing Sir Elton John as number 9 on the list, comfortably one spot away from Mariah Carey at number 10. Kudos to you good madame(s) or sir(s), kudos to you.

Ultimately, the content of this list, in my opinion, was pretty solid . The sequencing was a little odd though-Aretha Franklin was at 6…Britney Spears at number 3. But this can be chalked  up to the fact that the list was derived from a reader’s poll, in which case reply variance can always produce some weird twists.

Overall Queen Madge is well deserving of the number one spot. Yeah she may not be a vocalist in the same league of Aretha, but the lady pretty much invented, or at least greatly defined, modern pop as we know it today.  As stated by Rolling Stone, “Sure, her last few albums didn’t match up to the classics. Nobody cares. She’s Madonna”. They are certainly right. At this point, Madonna could  maitntain her iconic status even while  fading into obscurity at  Bora Bora.

Madonna on a horse, just because.

Madonna is currently working on a much anticipated 12th album, proof that living legends can indeed maintain a perpetual cultural relevance.

2 Responses to “Madonna as Number One Artist on Rolling Stone’s Queens of Pop list”

  1. Steven Berry July 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    I know that I am one of a very few people who just never quite “got it” regarding Madonnas fame and star status…I think she is a better actor than a singer…and have liked her movie appearances…But just not at all impressed by her singing…Oh well…at least I’m honest

  2. Matt Coleman July 13, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Yeah, Steven, and as much as she definitely was one of the most inspirational modern pop figures, I am not a huge fan of her music. Haven’t seen her movies so I couldn’t make a statement on her acting. Madonna is an artist that I respect a lot, but would not voluntarily listen to.

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