The Bands of Summer: Dog Is Dead

13 Jul

Dog is Dead is not exactly a new band, having released their first EP in 2009, but the five member indie/pop band has started gaining some well-deserved attention recently. Their skilled amalgamation of catchy rhythms and jazz influences makes them a force to be reckon with in the voluminous indie/pop world.

Dog is Dead formed in Nottingham, England, and is currently represented by Atlantic Records, the first band on our list that has signed to a major record company. Three members of the band met at co-educational school called West Bridgford School and the other two members latched on after the band met one at a party and the other at a play rehearsal. The five members started playing together in 2008.

While they released their first EP in 2009, their recently released EP Your Childhood is garnering more attention because, frankly, it’s better. The four songs on the May released EP demonstrate tighter and more mature sounds. Here is “Glockenspiel Song,” the band’s first single.

The song teases listeners with a near-identical MGMT “Kids” opening, but this chorus of desultory children is quickly replaced by a smooth saxophone and a fun riff. The bright opening seamlessly erupts into a tasteful harmony. I love bands like Dog is Dead because talent just oozes out of every pore. Not only can each individual play an instrument, but also the members of the band can strike appropriate vocal notes with precision. The chorus is anthem-like and this is a great example of powerful pop. My favorite portion of the song is when the band strips everything down three minutes in and focuses on raw vocal energy. The entire song is manufactured well.

“Young,” another song off of Your Childhood, sounds a bit different then the version I am providing you with. I wanted to highlight the “stripped down” acoustic sound because it portrays the talent of the act. The song is vocally pleasing and acoustically beautiful.

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