It’s My Birthday Too

18 Jul

Lonnie Mack and Ricky Skaggs are both celebrating birthdays today, July 18. I have a song I’d like to play for them.

Today I turn 22 years old and since I will not have the opportunity to get to the computer after I post this small message, I want to take this brief time to thank the readers of this blog for helping me share great music with the world. I hold this blog to a high standard. I want it to be an informative source for music lovers. I hope that I have helped create an amicable environment where everyone can come and share their thoughts on the views of those expressed by writers on this blog, whether it be good or bad. I truly thank you all. Trust me I do. I rarely ever use purposeless adverbs like “truly” in my writing. The fact that I have included the word in this post today must mean that it is a special day. Well, of course it is. Here is to all the music lovers out there. Let us continue to propagate and recognize true music talent!

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