Stuck in a Moment – And a Cover

26 Jul

I’m not the biggest U2 fan. I only like a few of their songs. This does not mean that I do not respect the work that Bono and the band does. Their philanthropic actions are praiseworthy and their musical contributions have been huge. But, like I just wrote, I only like a few of their songs. Out of this playlist that can fit on a standard CD (remember those), “Stuck in a Moment” has always held a special place above the rest. Perhaps it is because when I first heard the song at 14 years old I was maturing and the song’s catchy inspiration latched on like a fly to a light. I was hooked. I remember burning the track on a CD (wow I am really dating myself even though the days I speak of were only a few years ago) and listening to it on repeat. There was just something to the song.

Bono imagined “Stuck in a Moment” as a conversation with his late friend Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS, who committed suicide. Bono never was able to talk to Hutchence and persuade him against the reckless act. “Stuck in a Moment” is candid and uplifting. The song preaches the message that life is full of moments that seem incorrigibly bad, but they are just simple moments that will pass. You need to “stand up straight” and “get yourself together.” There is nothing hokey to this passionate lyric. And, with every performance, the song becomes more and more powerful.

I was reminded of it when Bono and the Edge performed it acoustically on David Letterman recently. Watch it:

It is tough to match Bono’s intensity (even when he is sitting down). But I happen to like a cover that Kris Allen, of American Idol fame, does of the song. His version is sweeter and softer. What do you think?

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