Oh The Times They Are a-Changin

4 Aug

“Come gather round people wherever you roam.” The opening lyric of Dylan’s ode to the 60’s generation is one of the most recognizable song openings in rock history. No guitar riff, just Dylan’s distinct croon. I bring up Dylan’s classic for somewhat selfish reasons. The waters around me have grown and come Tuesday I will begin a new stage of my life, shredding the title of college student and taking on the new label of employee. Yes, I will be starting a full-time job with Wolters Kluwer as an Editorial Assistant and I’m extremely excited.

Obviously, this means that the blog will be experiencing changes, at least on my part. I will make this pledge. The Music Court will remain a memorable music blog and the content will always be fresh and entertaining. While my posting schedule may transform because of time constraints, I promise to keep publishing exciting and passionate music content.

So, while the times may be changing, my undying love for music and writing will never subside and, with the help of the Music Court’s other faithful contributors, we will continue striving to achieve our goal of becoming one of the internet’s most viewed music blogs. Before I sign off for the night (and embark on a weekend trip to Civil War sites with the family) let me quote Aristotle – “Change in all things is sweet.”

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