The Cinematic Orchestra – Man with the Movie Camera

21 Aug

I pity those that will never experience random acts. People just doing whatever feels right, without a second thought, usually acting upon that glorious drink, alcohol. So I actually pity those who have never tried alcohol. Thoughtless action is a good way to spend time, especially if you are naturally prone to quite the opposite. When the aftermath of a party is rallying around the DJ and 120BPM, you know it is time to act even without a whim. Dancing with beautiful women in the early hours of the morning is what makes it all worth the effortlessness.

And it’s usually the next day when you live it the most vividly. You feel not quite hung-over, just strange. You sleep late, reliving and dreaming. Before you know it that day is turning grey and rainy, yet you are still in the previous night. Somehow you cannot focus on the now. But I’ve discovered the cure:


A friend of mine recently gave me some music from The Cinematic Orchestra. The band is a British jazz and electronic group. This album from 2003 is called Man with a Movie Camera. Being jazz, I can only describe the sound as good, and to further my argument I’ll let the music show you.

This song is that kind of slow, uneven drive that forces you to enjoy. This directionless joy is contained within an air of sophistication. Like a gentlemen rising from the ashes of alcohol, forgotten is everything that is sub-par as you brush off your shoulders and kiss the hands of pretty girls bidding the night adieu.

This 10 minute jazz piece is the perfect example of relaxing jazz. The brass/violin refrain gives it that free-form feel as it ever so slowly builds. This is the song you put on while reading because it both helps you concentrate and relax. You forget the song is even on, but by about 7 minutes in you are forced to pause your reading and simply listen and enjoy this amazing sound as it captures your thoughts.

This next song, Work it! (Man with the Movie Camera) is hastier and more confident. It attempts to prove the bands worth as true jazz. Opening up with a bit of pizzicato, it quickly moves into an almost rock styled jazz characterized by powerful drums which hopefully anyone can enjoy. The song switches between this almost frantic part and a slower section, reminiscent of the first song. Definitely a god song to chew on at any time.

So the next time you are lying in bed with a hangover, remember that it’s the perfect to time to be listening to your favorite jazz. Just like alcohol, it is that feeling of doing whatever without regard for anything. A psychotic yet soulful mindlessness that is as beautiful as party waning into the morning light. And if you are drinking while listening to jazz… well then you might just be on to something.


P.S. Here’s one more from the band. &)

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