I’m Not Dead Yet

23 Aug

Thank you Monty Python. As you have noticed, I have not posted in a few days. I just want to assure you that I’m not dead yet, and contrary to public opinion, I will not be soon. You see, I’ve just been busy lately and this has thwarted me from posting. I know, real sob story. Seriously, though, I love posting. I take enjoyment in having the ability to bring you quality posts about good music. Quality is the key word there. Can I post everyday? Yes, a quick video and a “this song is good” can get me five posts a day. But I believe that every post should have some value, even if it is a brief reminder that I am not dead, just busy.

Tomorrow night may be the death of me, actually. Okay, that is an over-exaggeration. After work, I am joining my sister and mother to view an American Idol concert. Yeah, the post-TV live concerts the group of singers put on for fans of the show. I plan on writing a review for the blog, so hold tight. Look, I enjoy American Idol. It has become understandably predictable and somewhat trite, but I still watch it religiously every season. Perhaps it is because the show has become a family activity. Or, maybe there is something inherently wrong with me. Either or. What I do know is that I am interested in seeing the concert tomorrow.

Also, I have another concert review to write. So, expect two concert reviews in the upcoming days. I hope to get them both out this week. Before I slip off to dreamworld, I do want to leave you with a song. I was going to post a clever song about being busy, but when I thought of potential songs all I could think of posting to the blog is:

Random, right? There is something about this Warren Zevon song that always has worked for me. Perhaps it is his subtle humor. Maybe it is simply the fact that it is a great song with great lyrics. Heck, it did spark a movie title. You know what I do know?

“LeRoy says there’s something you should know
Not everybody has a place to go
And home is just a place to hang your head
And dream of things to do in Denver when you’re dead”

Somehow that makes a whole lot of sense. Okay, a lot of Zevon sense!

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