Clark – Totem Crackerjack

28 Aug

Well I am back at school for my senior year and I have no clue what I’m doing. I am looking for jobs and throwing myself at people (literally). I need money. You don’t realize how much of a motivator money is until you have none of it.

As for general back to schoolness, I have a great song that will get you right into the doing stuff mood. I posted a Chris Clark song around the same time last year and I felt that it would be appropriate to post another one now.

This song, Totem Crackerjack, is from his latest album, Totems Flare. Not quite dance and not quite anything for that matter, this song takes you on a wild electronica ride.

The entire beginning of the song can only be described as the feeling of kicking ass. Listening to this makes any task seem like an epic adventure. It takes something as menial as job searching and turns it into something out of an action movie. A series of jaw-dropping transitions give it essentially a plot better than most films.

Right around two minutes the song rises into a sped up version of Pink Floyd’s On the Run. After the this brief homage the song goes into another quick instrumental sequence. The ending, the first one anyway with the light bell sounding thing, serves as sort of the aftermath of this frantic rush of sequences.

The final ending with the eerie piano is absolutely gorgeous, and I like to think of it as the credits. Also, the music video is really cool and confirmed my movie plot idea sort of. I definitely recommend watching it for some fun trippyness.

A brilliant display of British electronic music and an all around great song. I’ll be listening to it a lot as I drive to classes… starting tomorrow. I love it and hate it already. I do it for the money. Time to jump on the bandwagon of life. A moneyless world only exists in magic hippie fantasies. lol



P.S. Mail me some money please and or hire me please.

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