The Power is Out

30 Aug

I woke up Sunday morning and the power was out. Today is Tuesday morning and the power…is still out. Hurricane Irene provided all the goodies that a hurricane/tropical storm could provide. Downed trees, flooding, and widespread power outages. My family is currently in the dark. So, it goes without saying that I have not had ample opportunities to post. I wanted, though, to provide you all with a quick update on my condition so you understand why I have not posted in a few days. But I promise posts when the power returns.

The Music Court will soon be adding a new writer into its court. Yes, we are opening to drawbridge. Also, upcoming posts this week include two new artist profiles and a concert review. This is a great time to stay tuned for more coverage. My brief access to internet has passed. Be well and don’t let the lights go out!

Until then. Check this power outage out

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