The Up and Coming: Foster the People

16 Oct

So I’m sure based on last week’s SNL that many of you have already heard of Foster the People. Now touring with sold out shows across the country, the band is a perfect example of Indie resonating with the masses.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Foster the People is composed of the trio Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. With the break through single “Pumped Up Kicks”, the band’s sound is sort of an effortless cool. Not quite hipster but not quite mainstream, Foster the People manages to appeal to a variety of audiences. What I like most about the group is not only their catchy lyrics or calming electronic beats. Rather, despite their alarming popularity, Foster the People has not appeared to sell out. No longer under the radar, the band has risen to the ranks organically with zero pretension.

Heres the band performing my personal favorite, “Houdini” on SNL

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