And the “Watch the Throne” Tour Begins

30 Oct

When hip-hop powerhouses Jay Z and Kanye West announced that they were collaborating on an album last year, heads across the country exploded. Now with their album “Watch the Throne” long released, the duo have kicked off their tour, starting in Atlanta. Part of the setlist includes obvious staples from their album together (“Otis”, “Who Gon Stop Me”), as well as clear solo hits from the past (Ye’ performed a bit of “Jesus Walks” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”).

Its not really bling unless it causes Scoliosis.

Obviously, Kanye and Jay Z don’t need the money at this point (pan to Kanye’s entire bottom row of diamond teeth)-they are touring because they actually want to. With a fair share of dramatic entrances and heartfelt encores, the tour should definitely be a successful pursuit.

Here’s a single off their album, “Otis”

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