Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Turn and Face the New Theme Change

3 Nov

Come again? I know new theme changes are always a bit surprising and unexpected, especially when I do not warn anyone. But, yes, the darker, more gritty theme is gone, replaced by a theme called “elegant grunge,” a perfect description for this simple mixture of grey comfort and splotches of unwashed grunginess. The theme change is not as big of a deal as the logo and header change. Everyone thank resident psychedelic writer Okocim for his representation of the Music Court’s jester’s musical mind. The image, which is not encased by a limiting bubble, portrays ever-expanding musical thought. And it now demarcates the Music Court.

The new theme is smooth and granular, clean and dirty, and this contradiction works to instill a relaxing, but still on edge, feeling in readers. And, I like this. Music is a “glass case of emotion” as Ron Burgundy would say, and I want to demonstrate that with the content and the theme. It reminds me a little of Bob Seger, whose voice is granular, but also tender. Like this.

So please keep visiting the blog and enjoying the content. Follow us @musiccourt or on Facebook (!/pages/The-Music-Court-Blog/174431312584846). I can be reached at E-mail with suggestions, comments, or if you are an aspiring band looking to get featured on the blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, this is your faithful jester signing off.

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