A Poetic Commute – Some Itinerant Posting From The Music Court

4 Nov

Not quite like this, but, it was pretty splendid.

Happy Friday readers. I have a short, delicate post for you all this afternoon. A “poetic” post, if you will. Today, as I commuted to work, I noticed a radiant sunrise (and people ignoring it) and it goaded me to take out my blackberry and scribble down some words in a note. So, in a manner similar to SWOD (an old Music Court category where I took a vocabular word and matched it to a song), I will do the same with my brief poetic passage below. What the heck, right? Let’s change it up a bit (like the theme). Will this be consistent? I’m not sure? I enjoy creative writing, and while I do not often propagate this information, I feel that some well-intended verse cannot hurt. Let’s get to it, shall we.

“Why must we ignore the sunrise? Have we become immune to its ineffable splendor? Do we not wake up early on vacations to fit the early sunrise into our perturbed schedules and spurious relaxation? We “plan” to see a daily event that we could witness everyday. And we say “wow” as the sun performs its matutinal act over an eastern mountain or a spotless sea. We hug. We kiss. We claim to respect the pulchritude of our observable realm. “I understand.” But I, we, you do not.

 The Fall sunrise, a sky dappled with orange smoke with red undertones. A halcyon melody, a wake-up song to the world. It bathes clouds in light as it methodically unwraps itself from warm bed sheets. It doesn’t smile, yawn, wave, but sits up and stares  at specks of moving particles, neurons and synapses, shooting signals at incredible speeds.  Yet, it is shunned, forced to rise while only getting passing glances from the same quotidian molecules, looking only at the train, distracted by pieces of bland technology, and the market presentation at noon. Take a moment before the fire is lit and the sun sits on its throne in the sky. For a brief moment it is waking up and it’s never a dull, pablum morning. We can learn from a sunrise, if we would only open our eyes.”

2 Responses to “A Poetic Commute – Some Itinerant Posting From The Music Court”

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