Great Acoustic Guitarists

11 Nov

If you’re lost, just read the title.  It’s short, sweet and right to the point about certain guys you don’t normally hear about and about guys that make me realize that there are heights that I can never reach as a guitarist, even if I played every hour of everyday for the rest of my life.

There’s a story that’s been lost in the annals of history.  I don’t even believe it’s true but Phil Keaggy’s talent makes it remotely possible.  The story goes that Hendrix asked what is was like to be the greatest guitarist in the world and said something to the tune of I don’t know-ask Phil Keaggy.  The first time I ever heard Keaggy was when I was listening a Dispatch live album, and his skill and melodic lines just blew me away.  Just wait until Keaggy plays (he’s the old guy in the video).  I think it’s one of the sweetest sounding solos I have ever heard.

Nobody, NOBODY, plays like Andy McKee.  The man can hold down a drum part on his guitar.  I will repeat that.  He makes the guitar into a bongo.  And what makes it all the more incredible is that tapping on the body of the guitar doesn’t interfere with him doing things like fretting entire chords or playing a melody simply by tapping it out without a strum.  Pretty great stuff.

Now the following video I think I first discovered as a “greatest guitarist ever” link and I was intrigued and while he may not go down the greatest guitarist ever the following song by John Butler alone should place him among the best.  The dude taps out a rhythm and melody at the same time without missing a beat.  The only thing that bothered me about the video is his nails, but you all can exhale, their fake because as you will see he just hits the strings so damn hard.

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