Happy Thanksgiving! The Alice Tradition

24 Nov

Good morning readers. Today, as if anyone really needs a reminder, is Thanksgiving, and I sincerely hope that you all have a comfortable home and family/friends to share the gluttonous holiday with.

Thanksgiving is indeed marked by a voraciousness unlike any other holiday.The food is an obvious component. The plentiful quantity of food and the sleepy combination of tryptophan, stuffing and sweet potato, can make any dieter come out of their shells for one night. Then, after consuming a vast quantity of food, it has now become a quasi-tradition to take advantage of Black Friday deals at major retailers by braving other stuffed souls also looking to get a great deal on a television.

And isn’t it all wonderful. Seriously? I think it is excellent. But while we are celebrating the holiday, please do think of those not in a comfortable situation. Take your spare time to volunteer at a soup kitchen. And, if you simply cannot, donate some money to the cause. Be thankful for your situation, but also cognizant of the needy.

Now it has become a semi-tradition here at the Music Court to profile one particular song every Thanksgiving. The words “song and Thanksgiving” should give the song away. Seriously, this particular song gets its most plays on Thanksgiving, because, well, it was over 40 Thanksgiving’s ago that Arlo Guthrie and his friend went to go visit Alice at the restaurant, not that Alice’s Restaurant is the name of the restaurant, no, it’s just the name of the song!

The perilous tale of Alice’s Restaurant has become as much of a Thanksgiving staple as canned yams. It, keeping with the theme of gluttony, is a whopping 16 minutes long, and, if you have some time to yourself prior to watching the parade in 15 minutes, I suggest you listen to it once through.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Oh, and make sure to take out your garbage!

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