Hudson Mohawke – FUSE

27 Nov

Keep this on the down low.

Sorry about last week’s post, but never mind that. I have to make this terse. I apparently have something that the government wants and am on the run for my own dear life. I honestly don’t even know what it’s about, but I have 27 dead federal agents in my house after what can only be described as Home Alone 5, and am going into hiding in the morning.

I do however have time to review a song.

Let’s see here. After a great deal of magic one night, a good friend of mine played “FUSE” by Hudson Mohawke. My mind proceeded to be short-circuited by rainbows, or something of the sort.

It starts out with light clapping and an ethereal neon flute. It boldly wastes no time as it drops into some ridiculously nice hip-hop. Grandiose as all hell, the corny preset brass in the background and the vocal “doo-wop’s” are so over the top that the song almost comes off as a joke.

It doesn’t move forward at all really. After the second verse, another vocal sample is introduced, which I honestly cannot place for the life of me, its purpose unknown to me as well. But the song picks up the beat immediately afterwards. It feels like a glorious transformation is about to take place, like the song got into a fight with the high speed drum and bass genre and is about to lose.

But lo and behold it actually wins and again we are graced with the same instrumental chorus. Just as it is getting old and you begin to notice how slow it actually is, a child whispers something and the song ends. If you aren’t confused, then you aren’t getting it.

Gotta go, snipers.



P.S. The government is after my delusions of grandeur.

One Response to “Hudson Mohawke – FUSE”

  1. John Phillips November 28, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Interesting take on the review haha. Completely agree on the song.

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