For The Beginning of The Holiday Season

28 Nov

Santa took advantage of the great deals

Merry Christmas? Not quite. It certainly seems like it though. If it seems that Christmas is mentioned earlier and earlier every year, it is because it is. This is especially true this holiday season. Retailers just couldn’t unpack the holiday decorations fast enough. FINALLY (exhale) we all stuffed ourselves during Thanksgiving and the stores opened during the night for Black Friday discount sales. If you need any proof why retailers wanted Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday season, to come as fast as possible, the only statistic you need to peek at is $52.4 billion. That is how much money was spent this holiday weekend. Merry Christmas indeed to America’s struggling economy. Sustained consumer spending is good. It makes up around 70 percent of our economy. We need to go out there and spend our cash. I’m not advocating profligate spending, but hoarding cash only hurts the already hurting economy. This is why holiday shopping couldn’t come soon enough. Black Friday has passed and we have now progressed to Cyber Monday/Week (where discounted items are available online). So many deals. Man, I wish I played video games because I would totally buy a PS3 for $200. Maybe I will take advantage of some music deals.

Hey, I have a special Christmas-related Cyber Monday music post for you all tonight. To kick off the holiday season I want to share my favorite Christmas song with all of you festive readers. I really have my pick of the litter with Christmas songs. You know there are a lot of versions of Christmas songs when a radio station (106.7 on Long Island) can play Christmas music straight from the end of Thanksgiving to Christmas ad nauseum. It is my mother’s favorite station every holiday season.

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is an enduring classic; the zenith of novelty Christmas songs, in my opinion. It is zany, light-hearted (well not for Grandma) and downright humorous. It is a perfect Christmas joke. Everyone may be singing Jingle Bells and Silent Night, but I will be rocking out to the Randy Brooks written classic, made famous by Dr. Elmo and Patsy Trigg Shropshire in 1979.

So what is it about this song? Is it the country folk easiness of the melody, the allegiance to grandpa, or the witty lines “They should never give a license, To a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves?” It is all of the elements I’d say. And all things considered, it is a Christmas sing-along for the whole family. But watch out grandma and don’t drink too much eggnog.

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