Late of the Pier – Fantasy Black Channel

15 Dec

Hey everyone. I’ll be posting on Thursdays from now on. Some Gods were upset at me for doing work on Sunday.

Today I have a cool British synth-dance-punk band for everyone today. Their name is Late of the Pier and I’ll be showcasing some of the songs off of their only album, Fantasy Black Channel. Plus, all of their videos are really trippy.

“Broken” is the first song that I would like to type a few words about and it is also the first on the album. It starts out with an extended instrumental section that displays many of the band’s different styles of rhythm and instrumentation. It comes to a slow vocal driven interlude that completes the song. The rest of the song is your average alternative rock punk song. I feel like it gives you an all around feel for what else is to come. Make sure to pay attention to the solo and sweet electronic ending.

This song actually doesn’t have a music video. I promise the others will make up for that.

“Focker” is probably one of the best songs on this album in my opinion. The song starts out with an instrumental build and a hellish British-type scream of rage. The song is fast paced, sounding like a space themed side-scrolling video game. The lyrics essentially stop the music in a very punk way. The guy sounds like he is a crying rockstar.

The ending completes it for me. The slow “ahh-ahhs” make it sound like the song is going to end on some drab low note to make it all moody. But no, because a goddamn robot flies down from space and starts kicking you in the mouth. This ending synth line is what separates this band from the rest. Who doesn’t like to end a song on a rockin’ out note?

The music video is absolutely spectacular too. The beginning green room is the perfect amount of 80’s-style psychedelia with the smoke and black oozing goo. As the actual song transitions, so does the video, and lo and behold an actual robot does come down and start smackin’ the band around. That’s definitely how they got the idea for the ending.

“The Bears are Coming” has my favorite video of the songs. But first let’s talk about the sound. It’s sort of like a tribal punk ballad. The song transitions from happy weird to  slow soulful drives which make it complete. The synths are over the top and pretty much silly. Nothing more can be said in my opinion.

Now the video. It’s awesome how they have the four band members come rolling in each with their own unique posses. It allows each one of them to display their own personalities and it makes that much more of an attempt at being serious. The build-up is epic; this cube is spilling black ooze and spikes while animals look on with worried faces. Each of the four possesses a piece of the puzzle that will solve it. Once they insert the pieces…? Nothing. They are offered a treat. I’m also not spoiling the ending by saying that, because I want you to watch it for yourself. No hype or anything, but it’s a great metaphor to making music.

So this was my little bit about Late of the Pier. I think that they are making new music, and about to blow up. Literally.


P.S. I wasn’t kidding. Their heads are going to explode. &|

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