The Winner of the X Factor is Melanie Amaro!

22 Dec

The winner of the first US season of the X Factor is Melanie Amaro

Good for her! I truly believed that it would be a close vote. While I ultimately thought that Chris Rene would take home the prize (and I eat crow on the prediction), Melanie totally deserved the prize. Her performance of “Listen” was the icing on the cake of a pretty flawless run. Congrats!

The poll results that were released earlier on the blog has Chris Rene winning by a slight margin. Slight is the key term. . Chris, in total, recieved 21 votes. Melanie came in second with 18 votes. Josh, third, with 16 votes. So the voting was pretty much all wrong (it was a small sample!). Thanks for voting and congratulations again to Melanie.

3 Responses to “The Winner of the X Factor is Melanie Amaro!”

  1. John Phillips December 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    To me he was off key in both songs for periods of time and his duet with Avril was not good at all. Having said that the only song that I heard that was any good was Melanie’s last one. I was completely underwhelmed by what I thought was going to beca great finale.

  2. Matthew Coleman December 22, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    The duets were no good. I thought it was a fun idea but the producers did not get performers who suited the performer’s respective styles well. Josh’s final song was anticlimactic. I liked Chris’ “Young Homie,” but perhaps my partiality blinded me to the flaws. Melanie’s last song was epic. She has a brilliant voice.

    I’ll stick by my Chris pick because I think the combination of story, marketability and style win it for him. If it was pure singing, Melanie would have the prize. Anyway it goes, it will sure be interesting. Looking forward to it

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