London Calling – Back in the Middle of June

30 May

In his song “Paris in the Morning,” Joe Purdy proudly sings that he will show you Paris in the morning and London afternoon. Close, Joe Purdy. Switch that around. I will be traveling abroad for two weeks on vacation with my girlfriend. London, Paris, and Berlin – a three-city European excursion, a present to ourselves for our first year out of University and employment. Also, a testament to minimal responsibilities (besides work) and the unbridled enthusiasm of our restless spirits.

But before I sign off for a few weeks, I want to assure you that you should not tune out of the Music Court for that time as well. Okocim and Amanda Grannis will be making their way back onto the blog, posting during the span of my trip. I’m excited to welcome them back and I hope you enjoy their posts.

Then, when I get back, summer posting (few days before summer officially begins) will commence on the blog. The band profiles will continue (at the pace of perhaps two a week), but more categories will sprout up or be revitalized. Remember, if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate e-mailing me at And, if you are a new band who is interested in maybe being profiled on the blog e-mail me at that address!

Since we discuss music on this blog, I am going to send myself off with three pieces that all feature the name of a city I will be visiting in the title.




See you all soon!

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