Summer of FUN.

4 Jun

Hey all it’s Amanda here.

Many of you may have heard the infectious single “We Are Young” playing on a loop on the radio by now. The song is by the Indie alternative band FUN., with the lead vocalist Nate Ruess.

Rising from relative obscurity, the band is currently touring across the country to sold out shows. Ruess’s amazing vocal talent is partially to blame for this, with a range sometimes compared to that of Freddie Mercury.

The band is certainly a welcomed breath of fresh air to the music scene. Songs off the band’s album “Some Nights” have a catchy, unassuming, and endearing quality to them.

The band’s new music video for their latest single “Some Nights” is set to release soon. If you have not yet seen it, here is the band’s performance of their single “We Are Young” on the MTV Movie Awards last night.

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