In With the Killer Whales

7 Aug

In The Whale

Despite what their website – – implies, In The Whale does not suck. Quite on the contrary, the band’s aggressive blend of blues is loud but refreshing, a great example of a band that knows how and when to rock. The answer to that question is all the time. In The Whale, a Denver-based rock group, released their first EP Cake in January of 2012, and since then they have spent time rambunctiously touring the album.  The four-track album features heavy blues riffs mixed with punk elements that, at times, ventures into the Indie scene. The music is heavy and exciting. It also is melodic and catchy. It’s certainly a good combination.
“Woman” is a good example of what I was just talking about. My favorite on the album, this hard-hitting piece is slow head-banger. It pairs booming drums played effectively and recklessly by Eric Riley with a dirty riff (dirty in a good way) by Nate Valdez and Joey Barba, combined with a driving and noticeable bass manned by Tyler Rima. The verse is a raw blend of muted guitar and an edgy bluesy voice that forms harmony over heavy fills and riffs. It’s like Guess Who meets heavy metal. There is also a damn organ which shoots the song back into the early 70s temporarily.
“Heels,” which accurately follows “Woman” initially plays more like a 90’s metal song, with fast rhythm and organized vocals. The riff, like “Woman” is gritty. The chorus hits quickly with effective melodies. The fill featuring hand claps followed by the song’s solo which manipulates the rhythm is awesome. Actually sounds Judas Priest like. Great job, In The Whale.
Buy the EP at the band’s Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter.

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