The Correct Candidate

15 Aug



Cedric Sparkman: Vocals

Laurence Adams: Guitar

Jason Matuskiewicz: Bass

Chris Infusino: Drums

Justin Craig: Guitar, Synth, Bass, Programmed Beats.

Brooklyn-based Indie-rock band Candidate has labeled their music Dreamrock, a genre that they say, “is a combination of post-punk and shoegaze with late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s American indie and grunge and Britpop.” Such a genre encompasses a lot, but, their music is even more expansive than their genre suggests. If Candidate fits the description of Dreamrock, then the genre is going to need a bit of work.

In many ways Candidate reflects the city that spawned them. Their music is a diverse mixture of echoed harmonies, distorted instrumentation, grungy guitar riffs, and synthesizer. They pick the portions of each genre they want to take from, and leave genre restrictions behind. For example, the music does have some noticeable grunge influences, but it has sweet melodies. While it takes on pop/punk form with choppy and fast-paced rhythms, the synthesizer levels the music out. The concoction makes for enjoyable tracks that keep the listener on their toes.

“April Again” provides the best example of the band’s genre manipulation. They combine early Beatles psychedelia stuffed with 60s psychedelia painted neatly over an anachronistic guitar riff that comes into form after the verse. The chorus transforms the song into early 90’s indie/rock. It then hits back with psychedelia that this time is overshadowed by some repetitive electronic beats. But even with all of this going on the song is easy to listen to and equally enjoyable. It is a skillful track.

You can check out more of candidate on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Enjoying what you hear AND you are going to be in New York City this Friday? They will be playing on Friday, Aug. 17th at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn at 10:30. The show costs $8.

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