It Will Only Take a Matter of Time

17 Aug

As an introduction to The Target’s “Matter of Time” music video, the band sits in a room and plays an acoustic teaser of the song you are about to hear. It’s a raw moment where the 3-piece UK rock band discusses the meaning of “Matter of Time.” If you work at something long enough and set it out as your ultimate goal, it will only be a matter of time until you make it. If you have to root for one band to make it in this difficult musical climate, might I suggest targeting The Targets.

Formed nine years ago when the band members were 12, The Targets have already become veterans of the road, having toured North America four times and the UK more than the Queen. They have developed a strong Toronto fan base, and it is now time to take their music across the pond and through the border into the United States. The band plays an infectious brand of feel-good rock n’ roll infused with foot-tapping punk riffs, angsty lyric, and, with “Matter of Time,” anthemic keys. It’s fast-paced, rapid-fire music that hits you hard quickly and leaves you with a good taste in your mouth…and ears. 

The Targets released their debut EP, These Grey Times, in March 2010 and released their second EP, The Toronto Tapes, in April 2011. They are in the process of creating a full-length. Let’s take a listen to “Let Me In” off of The Toronto Tapes.

The song is carried by excellent percussion mixed with a repetitive riff that plays off of the level vocal. The chorus transitions into some individual notes, but the speed of the song is kept, and it persists throughout the song. I enjoy the song’s refreshing pace and candor. It knows what it is – a rock n’ roll driver – and doesn’t attempt to change it.

“Matter of Time,” though, is certainly my favorite from the band. It is inventive, and demonstrates the growth of the band.

Let’s stick with the first 30 seconds of the song. The key-work is excellent. The satiating harmonies and acoustic rhythm fit so well in front of the keys that you are almost forced to smile. The song moves beyond your typical rock. Traditional rock is fine. Don’t construe this as suggesting differently. But “Matter of Time” is an example of The Targets taking the genre and bending it. It is not so much Indie, though, only providing a taste of the genre to fit into their tight piece. What is it? It is maturation. It is a band hitting their stride. This is the type of song that anchors an album. It is their best song to date, and a good indication of things to come. The band adds layers as the song continues, providing the listener with some electric guitar and more vocals. The mid-song breakdown is refreshing and a nice change of pace. It’s a solid piece, and I hope it’s just a matter of time before it sticks.

Check out the band on their WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook.

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