The Dream World of Fleeting Circus

27 Aug

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Fleeting Circus

Fleeting Circus may have an ephemeral name, but the Brazilian rock band certainly has an opportunity to be around for a while. The four-piece act has not only already taken their sounds to a literal circus – the Unicirco Rock Show which pairs music and acrobats – but also they have released their first EP,  Dream World Of Magic, which is a collection of harder traditional rock and intriguing Muse-like tracks that combine a taste of early 70s progressive rock and modern alternative.

It is best to just jump right into the music. “Life Between Two Paper Sheets” is a track off of the new EP, and its tenebrous opening leads to a Pink Floyd-like vocal symphony that follows the distortion in the background. It’s a foreboding introduction, one that latches onto the listener and forces them to keep listening. Taynã Frota’s vocals are crafty and malleable. He glides through the song with efficiency, his pipes engrossing. And then the house comes down. At around 1:35, the rest of the band (Rod Seven – Guitar, Danny Seven – Drums, Felipe Vianna – Bass) appear in full force, like a cavalry entering the pernicious underworld where the song is staged. The consistency of the instruments is precise.

“Hurricane” is immediately different from the first track. It is also almost double the length. D. Seven and Vianna set the pace, with Vianna laying down a beauty of a bass riff. The rhythm stays fresh below Frota, and R. Seven introduces a small riff. The vocal harmony around a quarter of the way into the track adds to the piece, both voices absolutely capable. The song rises, leaving Frota to carry some powerful vocals at the end, after R. Seven absolutely kills a distorted solo that is almost celestial. A great representative of a promising first release from Fleeting Circus.

Check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and Website

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