Nearing 1000 Posts – The Future Direction of the Music Court

16 Oct

Hiatus may not be the correct word, but it is the closest “music-related” term I can use to describe my lack of activity over the past several weeks. This is no excuse, but I have been busy. Work, school, and travel have occupied my time, and this activity has taken my mind off of posting. When I started the Music Court more than three years ago, I wanted to be different from other music blogs in both content and care. My material was to be fresh, well-written, and different. Since this initial proclamation, I have grown as a writer and listener. I hope that the blog has consequently and consistently improved. I also agreed that I would never just throw a post up for the sake of content needs and, with some exceptions, I have not done this. I will not start now.

That being said, these last few months have certainly cut down on my available posting time. Plus, in my opinion, the blog has not had much coordination or constancy. I have not been able to focus on developing exciting new topics and engaging reads. Some posts have been effective. I have grown to love reviewing fledgling bands, and I hope this assists them in their musical endeavors. New bands, don’t fret, still send your material. I am looking at it, and plan to review it. I have a list created and will make my way down it soon. Sorry for any wait that may occur.

What am I trying to say? While I may not be posting much now, I envision some time on the horizon, and with this time I will focus on lifting this blog from the doldrums of inconsistent posting to a hybrid schedule again. There will be more of a focus of spreading content throughout social media. There will be more activity in general. Until then, I urge you, please hold on. The next few months may remain busy, but I will find time to continue to post. Soon, though, more posts will come!

Also, I will make my usual plea. Are you interested in writing for a music blog that emphasizes creativity, humor, and passion? Explore writing for the Music Court. E-mail me at if you are interested. Let’s get to talking!

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