Pulling Out an Upset Victory

19 Oct

This is not a scene from an upcoming action flick starring Jason Statham. It does look like it could be, right? Although the picture may not depict the latest box office gem, it is an accurate symbolic depiction of the band that enters the New Band Palace today. Like the image of the band depicted above, The Upset Victory is a high-energy rock outfit that punches the listener with edgy vocals, speedy riffs, robust percussion, and stout guitars. The group has quickly sped out of the parking garage and onto radio stations throughout their home base of Cincinnati.

The Upset Victory was founded in 2006 by Stephen Campbell (guitar), Frank Hammonds (guitar/vocals), Eric Vice (bass), Jason Dill (vocals), and Aaron Roy (drums). They released a self-titled EP on Takeover Records. After a few more EP releases, The Upset Victory released their first full length, Before the World Ends, in May of this year.

So why should you spend your time reading about and listening to the Upset Victory (besides from the band photo above). There is a refreshing quality to their music. The tunes invoke memories of heavy punk/rock bands from the early 2000s, but, the band does not lose sight of melody and lyric, putting great care into impressive harmonies and a dual-guitar attack. The Upset Victory employs effects skillfully. Besides from the clear talent of the musicians, the music itself is tightly arranged and recorded. Every vocal shriek, mini-riff, and drum fill, is organized. The vocals are most impressive. They thrive in the music, taking on the guitar riffs like a prize-fighter.

“The Worst in Me,” track two of Before the World Ends (which you can buy here), initially gives off a Living Colour impression, but quickly separates itself from funk/metal and enters into straightforward, hard-hitting, toe-tapping rock. If you like the brand of rock that you can move to, this is the band for you. Listen to some more of their material at their Soundcloud page. Check out their website and Facebook.

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