OurVinyl.tv – A Music Video Session Archive

14 Jan


What does every good music aggregator possess? Music, right? That’s a fundamental feature. But what do most of these archives lack? Live music video. Premium, high-quality video of the band performing their popular songs adds a personal touch to the material. A viewer is able to obtain a clear image of the performers. In a sense, these videos – as they become technologically better and better – better preserve the band.

As someone who reveres the art of making music, I can attest to eagerly viewing the live sessions of musicians. This not only adds a familiar element to the performances, but also provides the viewer with a whole new musical dynamic.

OurVinyl.tv has jumped on the opportunity to make high-definition live music videos more accessible. Spawned from the popular music blog OurVinyl, OurVinyl.tv provides users with a clean platform of music videos. After signing in, viewers are prompted with categories of videos they can stream (see below).

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 7.17.50 PM

Not everyone is into Hip Hop, Indie, or Folk. By splitting up the categories, OurVinyl.tv assures that viewers do not have to sift through a hodgepodge of different genres. After clicking on a genre, the viewer is prompted with a video of a band performing. They have the option of skipping the video if they do not like it, or, if they are enjoying the song, they can click a plus sign on the lower left-hand side of the screen and add the song to their personal playlist (which can be accessed by clicking on My Library at the top of the page). Viewers can also share the video through social media.

The videos featured are from OurVinyl’s self-produced archive of music videos and 12 other video music blogs (Current Contributors: AudioTree (Chicago), Jam in the Van (LA), Porchlight Sessions (Nashville), Belmont Sessions, Noise Coalition, Bowlegs, Subway Sessions (NYC), The Crypt Sessions (London), The Wilcox Sessions, Southern Souls, Music Fog, Single Barrel Detroit.)

The website is free, but viewers can subscribe to a premium account (with a Monthly paid rate) that gives them unlimited amount of music in their library, no advertisements, and exclusive content.

Keep up with OurVinyl on their Facebook and Twitter

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