Taking a Ride with Calaca Strides

7 Mar

Calaca Strides

Calaca Strides bends genres with a created blend of low-fi, lugubrious melodies joined with bluesy acoustic riffs and upbeat vocals. In some ways, the music may represent a subtle contradiction, but Calaca Strides blends the music together with precision.

Hailing from England, Calaca Strides released Brittle Breeze  back in September of 2012, and the four-song EP is impressive in its musical scope. Specifically, the first and last track feature the intriguing musical concoction I mention above.

“Monster,” the concluding track on the EP, begins with a plucked acoustic guitar drenched in strung-out background sound. The song creates an ethereal atmosphere, like an enigmatic sky with clouds vacillating between rain and mist. The consequent euphonious vocals over the rapid playing of acoustic guitar notes creates a medieval aura (much like Amazing Blondel did in the early 70s with “Sinfonia for Guitar and Strings”). The song is an ode to progressive rock and modern folk.

“Row By Row,” is the nearly seven minute opening track on Brittle Breeze. It is an impressive song. I appreciate its multifaceted musicality. The listener is introduced to tremendous melodies that naturally transition into an eccentric mixture of folk/blues (almost like Amos Lee). The sounds introduced throughout the piece are fascinating.

Check out the rest of the album by clicked on it above. Stay up on Calaca Strides on Facebook and Twitter or visit the website.

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