Top 10 Review: American Idol Season 12 – Predictions!

11 Mar


New season. New judges. New top 10. Same show. American Idol is now in its 12th season, and, while it has experienced a drop in ratings, it remains one of the most watched singing competition television shows (a distinguished title, I know). Many have given up on the show claiming it has jumped the shark more times than Fonzi said “Eyy” over the course of “Happy Days,” but I remain a loyal viewer. What can I say; I’m a creature of habit.

If you are a Final 10 viewer (a person who only watches when they are down to the good people), it’s time to turn on the television and tune into the show. You haven’t missed much. Randy Jackson is still on the panel. My father made the perfect analogy when he said that Randy is most similar to a guy who should have left the party several hours ago and now different people have shown up and he is just out-of-place. Mariah Carey represented the big catch this season for show producers. Her voluptuousness has nearly fallen out on several occasions, and her affected speech is vexatious. That being said, she seems to care and she isn’t too bad. Nicki Minaj has surprised me. I thought she would be gimmicky, and, while eccentric, she gives solid criticism (often the most vocal criticism) of the bunch. Keith Urban must think he has hit the jackpot. He genuinely loves the show and the singers on it. Ryan Seacrest is still your indelible emcee, and he is damn good at it.

By now, I have mastered the art of watching the show in 20 minutes. I tape it and fast forward through the nonsense. Some would say that means I must fast forward through the entire show, but, it just means the commercials, monologues, judging, and the awful performers (listen to a few notes and you know if the performance will be good or bad).


The Top 10 (In Order from 10th place to 1st place):

10.) Amber Holcomb


Amber was the one throw-away girl choice. There were four girls that deserved a spot. There was one more spot. It went to Amber. She is a cheap Beyonce impersonator with a weak voice and a pretty face. She will be out of the competition faster than you can say her name. She does get to tour with the top 10, though, so, that’s a cool consolation.

9.) Paul Jolley 


Similarly, there were four guys who deserved a spot, and Paul Jolley was the “oh well, we need five people in this group.” He  does have a nice voice. It’s…nice. He’s obsessed with Carrie Underwood. He won’t make it far.

8.) Lazaro Arbos


Lazaro has a great story. His crippling stuttering does not affect his singing – a smooth balladeer style. The story will only carry him so far, though, and his voice, while good, can certainly become a little boring. I predict a few average performances and an exit in the eight spot.

7.) Devin Velez 


Like usual, after the first few out, things get a little muddled up in the middle of the pack. This is tough to predict. Devin has a beautiful voice. He sings in English and Spanish and possesses an intriguing performance quality that can keep him in this show through the long haul. Unfortunately, I see him losing a bit of luster after the first few weeks of top 10 shows and falling into the trap of forgettable. Can he make it further? Of course. He may be a top five candidate. For this incipient prediction, I’m choosing him to leave in the seventh spot.

6.) Angie Miller 


A true dark horse. Angie represents the Indie music crowd. She thrives behind the piano and is fit with a powerful voice that can, with the right songs, propel her to a higher final spot. Despite her clear Indie sentiments, Angie may be able to break through into the mainstream. She is pretty. She has a powerful voice. She plays an instrument. These are all good things.

5.) Curtis Finch Jr. 


The oldest member in the competition at 24 years old, Curtis may also have the best natural voice. He possesses a rare vocal talent that only few can say they have. His true comfort zone, though, is gospel, and the show has not had a gospel music winner since Season 2. Last season, Josh Ledet, a similar southern Gospel savant, came in third place. This season has three members of the southern soul revival, and I think Curtis comes in third among them. He is the least supportable of the bunch. I know that seems like such an unfounded statement, but the other two gospel-sensitive singers possess an individuality that Curtis doesn’t have. Honestly, though, it’s a toss-up between those three. Can he ultimately make it to the end? Yes. His voice is that powerful. His performance of “I Believe I can Fly” (below) was inspirational. He did some incredible vocal runs. My problem is marketability, and I just don’t see a place for him in today’s musical market. But man can he sing.

4.) Janelle Arthur


Country. Country. Country. Most of the viewers of American Idol love country music. Country wins often. The south wins often. Janelle, a blond-haired, country chick from Tennessee, has the package to win this show. She is pretty. Her voice has a Carrie Underwood twang. She could win. She could also come in fourth and fall short to the other country singer. I see that happening. Why? See below.

3.) Burnell Taylor


Here is the thing about Burnell. He – one of the members of the southern soul revival (the last member is below) – can come in third or eighth. It’s just tough to predict. He is a genuine, Boyz 2 Men type singer. He is humble. His voice is silky smooth (excuse the cliche). He is a true individual, possessing a voice that one of the judges said is distinct and “would know it was Burnell if it came on the radio.” American Idol needs originality, and I think his voice is more diverse than Curtis’s voice. Thus, I choose him finishing at a higher spot. But, like I said, Burnell is a tough man to predict.

2.) Candice Glover


Candice, the last member of the southern soul revival, is a tremendously talented singer with a penchant for vocal strength and bluesy cadence. She reminds me a bit of Jennifer Hudson, and her big voice should help her sail through the competition. While I’m not sure I would label this a “girl’s year,” I do think “American Idol” will have its first female winner since Season 6 and first all-female final since Season 3 when Fantasia won. But, the winner of season 12 will be…

1.) Kree Harrison


Country will win, and its name will be Kree. Countrykree. Kree is not your typical country singer. She adds a southern rock flavor that spices up her performances. She has rangy chops, and her voice just fits today’s country music scene. I can see her laying down tracks that bend country and rock. She can be quite succesful.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Review: American Idol Season 12 – Predictions!”

  1. John Phillips March 11, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    It is a girl’s year I think. Angie, Kree, Janelle, Candice. All could win. Burnell has a shot and Curtis is the long-shot that could come from behind (likeable fellow). Pretty deep group this year

    • Matthew Coleman March 11, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

      Yeah, I tend to agree. It’s a tough year to predict, also. Let’s see how it shakes out.

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