A Riot in Soho

1 Apr

Soho Riots

Formed at Liverpool University in 2012, Soho Riots is an Indie foursome with a penchant for infectious rock and a flavor that mixes The Killers with Matchbox 20. For such a fledgling band, Soho Riots plays with almost effortless skill, focusing mainly on terrific vocals and catchy beats. The tunes move quickly with punk-like rhythms and moving guitar riffs. It’s always exciting coming across a band who, despite maintaining the fire of youthful vigor, construct songs fastidiously. It is this balance that makes Soho Riots a band you most certainly want to keep an eye out for on either side of the pond.
“Who’s Your Man” is a perfect example of what I write above. The song features a driving rhythm and a neat guitar riff that hug efficient vocals. It is a model of a well-developed piece. And, above all, the song is damn catchy, sticking with you after it ends. The toe-tapping is quick, memorable and has the makings of a great single.
“702” immediately yells alt/punk to me. A little Strokes, Weezer, and other alternative rock/punk fusion bands come to mind. The song, though, feels most like an early Killers song – a high compliment. It has the sheer potency to find a diverse audience, and I’m happy to share it with you all.
Find out more about Soho Riots: Facebook, Youtube

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