The True Meaning of Galore Rock

25 Apr

The Rockers Galore

Galore means abundance or plentiful amounts. If you have food and drinks galore, you have a party on your hands. Hopefully, you also have some music by Blayer Pointdujour & The Rockers Galore to accentuate your bacchanal! Most bands stretch the truth with a band name (they are not really Eagles), but The Rockers Galore truly serve a massive helping of every facet of rock: pummeling electric guitar, swift percussion, hip/hop vocals, and potent horns. And, most importantly, the music blends together and goes down smooth like a toasted lager and some chips and salsa.

The Rockers Galore, a Reggae/ Hip Hop band from Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2008 by multi-instrumentalist Blayer Pointdujour. The Rockers Galore recently released their new album The Bull (mixed and mastered at Milkboy the Studio formerly Larry Gold, The Roots, Common, Kanye West).

“1804” combines horns borrows from The Skatalites’ “Rock Fort Rocks” with a panoply of guitar and percussion. The lyric is genuine and it helps form a puissant piece. Perhaps most impressive is the effective balancing act that The Rockers Galore are able to achieve in this song. The wide array of sounds can be intimidating if not organized well, and The Rockers Galore are able to provide a “controlled madness.”

“Mansion Party” features constant rhythm – a fun mix of horns and rock – almost Mexican influences. The music plays like upbeat Ska.

Check out more about The Rockers Galore by visiting the website and Facebook of the band.


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