Let’s Go Safari teach the art of breaking bad news

28 Jun

There’s a saying that you should break bad news with cake. (Or, according the current Internet trend, cute animals.) Even if they are devastated by the news, it is scientifically impossible to stay down for long with cake. Dorset-based band Let’s Go Safari have taken this method to the logical extreme by delivering almost hilariously bleak messages to summery indie pop.

Let's Go Safari

Ignore their depressing promises: the five piece band have definitely been having a good year. In the last twelve months, they have signed to Red Dragon Records, released their first EP ‘Curiosity Killed… Let’s Go Safari’ and recruited two new members to their guitar pop family. Their aim is to create ‘meticulously messy’ songs which they seem to have achieved; each song bounces from verse to chorus in unexpected ways. If you are a fan of the Shins, you will feel in familiar territory with them, despite the South Coast accents.

The most downcast song on the EP (Curiosity Kills…) is the ‘Glad to Be a Grad’, which explores the journey from optimistic University student to jaded graduate. “Take it from me, the job market’s crashed,” lead singer Ryan Woods chirps happily to an unbearably sweet pop riff. Fortunately, The simple, music-box like riff prevents it from being too depressing.

Let’s Go Safari also get a chance to show their more romantic side on ‘Down in the Basement’, although it’s filled with the same painfully honest Arctic Monkeys-like social commentary. The singer explains he doesn’t care if he a girl doesn’t ‘put out’ on the second date, despite lusting after a romance straight from the movies. Like all of their songs, it has a catchy chorus that crowds could easily pick up and sing to at a festival, as well as enough hidden depths to keep dedicated fans interested.

Check out their website, and follow the band through their Facebook.

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