Song Dogs on the Prairie

17 Jul

Song Dogs

Is it wrong to get giddy when I come across new bands like Song Dogs? Well, if it is, I don’t want to be right. Ok, I admit that was a cheesy lede, but the sentiment it expresses is not facetious. Song Dogs’ throwback brand of true Americana blues elicits visions of The Band, The Allman Brothers, and Neil Young. The music is as pastoral America as Hardee’s and Apple Pie. By the time you are finished listening to Song Dogs’ debut LP Wild Country, you will be fully satiated and Americanized!

At first listen to the whining guitar in “Buffalo Crossroads,” you may be inclined to think that the 6-piece rock band resides in Missouri or Tennessee, but the dogs of song reside in the City of Brotherly Love. Yes, the Song Dogs have brought the open prairie sound to the Liberty Bell. The band successfully blends southern blues, western twang, and northeastern rhythm into a smooth sound that carries each of the album’s 10 tracks.

One of the most impressive aspects of the band is the talent of each member. With three lead vocalists, every song has a particular style – both vocally and musically – and this establishes variety. The band features Michael Southerton (vocals/guitar), Ryan McCloskey (vocals/guitar), Sam Conver (vocals/bass), Dan Cooper (Drums), Mariama O’Brien (Percussion), and Emily Southerton* (Keys – Emily is currently away from the band as she is traveling the country teaching poetry)

“Buffalo Crossroads” is carried by a persistent pop/rock rhythm and southern-style electric guitar. Much like Tom Petty, Song Dogs makes the bluesy sound mainstream accessible by implementing a catchy rhythm and melody. It’s a neat, content song that makes you smile about returning home.

“Careless” immediately strips the pop feel with the opening bass riff and the granular vocal that is so southern soul it’s scary. While the classic blues vocal clearly carries this piece, the electric riff, intelligent percussion, and effective soloing allow the song to thrive. Let’s be frank. The song kicks ass. It’s Allman blues at its very finest.

Make sure to keep tabs on Song Dogs by following the band’s Facebook and Twitter. You can buy the full album on the band’s Bandcamp

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