What’s Your Favorite Autumn Song?

2 Oct


Fall is a divisive season. Summer is almost universally loved because it provides warmth and winter is shunned (besides from the Holidays) because a trip outside requires a few layers of clothing and also usually features the  freezing welcome to a icy vehicle. Spring is a season of rebirth. Fall, though, is technically a morbid season; everything is dying or burrowing in preparation for the winter. Now, of course, my small summary is only applicable for places where seasons are evident – which, in my case, is New York.

Charles Dickens wrote in his poem “George Edmunds’ Song”:

“Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around me here!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear” 

Clearly he enjoyed the season, right? But before the trees lay bare and the weather chills, Fall features variegated foliage and pleasant weather. There is apple picking, football, and festivals. While Fall is synonymous with melancholy – at least according to Dickens – I view it through rose-colored glasses. The season may not represent rebirth, but it is not all about death. Such a depressing view is insidious and it permeates through people. Fall deserves a better rap! Plus, at least in New York, while summer has passed it has not completely relinquished its grasp on the weather. It will be 83 degrees today!

Fall is a time for music at the Music Court. Well, every season is a time for music – it is a music blog. So … to celebrate the season, I’m asking you to tell me your favorite autumn song. Your favorite not on the list? Don’t be shy! Lambast my stupid selections in the comments and provide your favorite song. Voting closes on Wednesday. Have fun!

*Note: “September” by Earth Wind and Fire does talk about the 21st night of September. Close enough to Fall!

Need a quick song refresher. Listen to each song below:

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