What Do “You Say” About Morning Fuzz?

6 Jan

Morning Fuzz

Feeling glum? It’s Blue Monday, the day marked off as most depressing of the year. There is a f-f-freezing cold blast that is   providing brumal torture to a large portion of the United States. Depressed, you say? Let the Music Court lift your spirits. Well, I don’t know what good our words will do. Let me rephrase. Let the Music Court introduce you to a band that will help put a smile on your face.

“You Say” is my favorite track off of vivacious alt/rock band Morning Fuzz’s debut album Chasing Ghosts. From its outset it pumps energy into your cold and weary bones. Shake the languor and get your toes tapping and head bopping. This quartet from New York wants to engender some warmth to replace the soul-sapping cold. So turn up the volume and read a bit about the creation of Morning Fuzz.

The band is the spawn of Ultra High Frequency, a rock band created by New York natives Frank Fussa (Vocal/Guitar) and Christopher Johanidesz (Bass). After UHF met a sudden end, Fussa and Johanidesz decided to strip down the musical concoction and regroup as a band that focuses on catchy rhythms, uplifting harmonies, and, dare I say, good old-fashioned rock n’ roll. After a few EPs, the band finally found a constant drummer (Marco Sulis) and also added guitarist Michael Cullari to take on a more elaborate, full sound.

Since then, Morning Fuzz has gained a performance reputation on the East Coast, and wrapped up the recording of its full-length LP (which was released in Summer, 2013), which they recorded in Laundry Room Studio with producer Barrett Jones. You can check out the full-length here.

“You Say” is a jaunty track that is balanced by a staccato guitar rhythm. The sprightly rhythm drops out in favor of light harmonies pre-chorus, and then a chorus that is a premium example of call-and-response melody. It’s a catchy, well-constructed song that makes you feel happy. The alt/rock groove is strong throughout the debut album, but “You Say” stands out.

Check out more of Morning Fuzz on the band’s Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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