JULY CHILD – Contagious Summer Sounds

31 Jan

Do you remember the first time you heard The XX’s debut album? There was something so effortlessly cool about it. It wasn’t so much about what The XX tried to do, but more about what they left out that made it so special. It was minimalistic, and purposely quiet, but at the same time it was contagious and demanded your attention. Fancy experiencing that all over again?  Enter July Child’ – The North London duo have already released three single tracks, and are set to release their debut album later this year.


(Photography by Chris Hoare)

Amber Clara, and Kiyon Samavat have not followed the generic, and often false path into the music industry. This is a grass roots project, and all songs are produced and recorded through their own music label – Paper Thin Records Ltd. July Child are all about hard work, and most importantly they are about creating a sound which means something to the both of them. They romanticise some of the most important human emotions, and experiences, through their own delicate and vulnerable lyrics.

The first release, ‘Liquid Form’, for example, is about letting your guard down to someone special and not holding back – ‘with a guard so low, my heart releases’. Amber Clara sings the haunting lyrics, whilst they sit upon a mid-tempo electronic backing track, composed by Kiyon Samavat. ‘Liquid Form’ encapsulates why Kiyon and Amber work so well as a duo. The song identifies the individuality of both the artists, yet exemplifies how their sounds complement one and other.

 Their second release, ‘Electric Chair’, is a stripped back acoustic single. The exposed approach corresponds perfectly to the pain that is behind the song – ‘be my electric chair, hold me down, and burn me to the ground’. Like the great Stevie Nicks, Amber Clara’s voice is able to depict the pain and helplessness felt from within the emotion of this song. Kiyon keeps the backing track to a minimal, allowing all ears to rest upon her effortless vocals.

Sometimes the true genius and originality of a band is tested the most when they attempt to do a cover. It is at this point they allow themselves to have a comparison, and this very quickly opens the flood gates to critical opinion. However, July Child’s cover release of dance hit Le Youth – ‘Cool’ has proven to be a huge success. So much so, even Le Youth himself sent them his approval via Twitter. With the number of plays continuing to rapidly grow on Soundcloud, July Child’s latest track is proving why they are the epitome of everything that is exactly how they sing it, Cool’.

These three tracks are only a small taster for what is to come from July Child. Their fans will now have to patiently await the arrival of their debut album. In the meantime, Amber and Kiyon will be preparing for live sessions, as well as working hard on even more material. Keep posted on all things July Child via their Twitter page


(Design: Craig Black)

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