New Column and Writer – Nathan Hensley and the Audiophile Chronicles

4 Feb

Power of Words

The Music Court is growing! Help us introduce new writer, Nathan, whose Audiophile Chronicles will surely be entertaining, wise, and engaging. Look out for his posts every Wednesday … first post tomorrow.

Here are some words of introduction from Nathan:
My name is Nathan, and I’m here to take you down the proverbial Rabbit Hole that is my mind. My musical tastes fluctuate wildly across the boards, and you can expect nothing less than sporadic diversity from my musings. Some days I’ll talk about 60’s Psychedelia, some days I’ll talk about the complexities of East & West coast Hip Hop. …Or maybe I’ll go on about what artist pisses me off this week. Who knows? I don’t even know, to be perfectly honest. Anyway, I sincerely hope you look forward to reading from me, because I know I’m looking forward to writing for you.

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