Acoustic Basement Tour

7 Feb



Vinnie Caruana and Brian Marquis

Vinnie Caruana

Front Porch Step

Travis Alexander

(All photos from the show can be found here.)

On Friday, 1/31/14, I attended the Acoustic Basement Tour at Santos Party House at their first stop in New York City. The lineup originally comprised of Front Porch Step, Brian Marquis, Hit The Lights, and Transit, but Hit The Lights was unable to perform due to a family emergency. Instead, Travis Alexander of Ghost Thrower, along with Vinnie Caruana of I Am the Avalanche, were both there to fill in. The small, intimate venue was full for the stripped down acoustic tour, and the crowd was eager to sing along, shouting out song requests and lyrics during all of the sets. All of the solo artists stood on stage, with nothing but an acoustic guitar and their heartfelt lyrics, while Transit headlined the show with a full band setup. Overall a great show, with talented musicians who proved their talents were not exclusive to studio recordings, keeping the crowd going in the middle of the brutal winter just outside the venue.

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