INTER ARMA, KEN Mode, Russian Circles

3 Mar


KEN Mode

KEN Mode

KEN Mode

Russian Circles

Russian Circles

(All photos from the show can be found here.)

On 2/20 I went to the Bowery Ballroom to shoot INTER ARMA, KEN Mode, and Russian Circles. I will admit I had no previous knowledge about these bands, but after a quick perusing online I discovered they were roughly in the genre of metal. I went in with an open mind, as I had no clue what to expect. INTER ARMA is hard to put into a genre, but they’re classified as “sludge” and “black” metal. Regardless, it was a great performance, and eventually the crowd warmed up to them and started to become more involved in the music.

Next was KEN Mode, a Canadian hardcore noise rock band, which for only three members had an impressively large sound. The trio works together incredibly well, balancing rapid-fire beats with blistering vocals. The headliner, Russian Circles, was a Chicago based three-piece band, with an instrumental rock and metal sound, and uniquely no vocalist. Their set up featured an extensive pedal board for both the bass and guitar, which allowed for a multitude of sampling and looping throughout the live performance. For a metal band, all of the members look surprisingly “un-metal,” and from appearances only they could very likely pass as an indie outfit. Overall, they displayed their technicality and musicianship very well, and their ambient sound closed out the sold out Bowery Ballroom.

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