Touché Amoré

5 Mar

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On 2/26, I found myself at (Le) Poisson Rouge to see Caravels, Seahaven, mewithoutYou, and Touché Amoré. In the hopes of being able to photograph I called them, only to be told that “no cameras with removable lenses would be allowed.” Turns out that there was no bag check, and I definitely could’ve brought, or at least snuck in, my camera. All camera related disappointment aside, the show was an incredible one, as to be expected.

Caravels, a self described post-hardcore band from Henderson, Nevada opened first, a five-member band with a focus on shouted vocals. After that came four-member Seahaven, from Torrance, California. They are along the same strains as Brand New and Citizen, and closed their set with the slow, heartfelt track “Honeybee.” Next was mewithoutYou, who managed to combine sleigh bells and acoustic guitar with spoken word and screaming in an eclectic mix. Parallels can easily be made with La Dispute, as they share a very similar sound.

The pit at this point was fully open, and had spread around to the entire front half of the crowd. Finally Touché Amoré was on, and the excitement from the crowd could definitely be felt. Though there were some technical difficulties with the microphone, lead singer Jeremy Bolm managed to power through, with the crowd shouting along every lyric. For such a powerful vocalist, his stage presence by contrast is extremely humble and reserved, only to be replaced moments later by his blistering screaming. This was most certainly the most energetic and intense show I’ve ever been to, but this was no surprise. I left with an even greater appreciation of the bands that had performed that night, along with the hardcore genre itself.

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