The Recovery Blues – Dave Powell and the Lonely Gales

18 May

Dave Powell and the Lonely Gales

I am typing this with one hand. That is the major reason why I have not posted in a week. Shoulder surgery has left my left arm unavailable for use. One-handed typing is cumbersome! That being said, I plan on trying to post as often as I am able despite this temporary disability. For now, I am encountering the recovery blues.

Dave Powell, a wayworn blues musician from the swamplands for Louisiana, is part of the true blues movement among young musicians, and his most recent EP Recovery Blues is a 5-track EP that “catalogues his descent into substance abuse and depression, and the ragged road he trudged back home to health and happiness.” ( 

I apologize for the blurriness of the video, but just listen to this fast-paced blues ditty. Powell features a rich vocal that is time-tested, gritty, and passionate. The guitars have a voice of their own and complement Powell’s croon effectively. The swinging rhythm is toe-tapping goodness. A great song and EP to listen to when you are stuck on the couch longing to move!

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