Young Rising Sons are Kings of the World

19 Jul

Young Rising Sons


From the first few harmonized notes of “King of the World,” the second released song off of New Jersey quartet Young Rising Sons’ first EP (to be released on July 22), one can quickly hear why Young Rising Sons are shooting stars in the music world. The band has already been featured on the NHL Awards, the MLB Network, and NBC’s summer television campaign, and it will not be long before both “King of the World” and the more widespread track “High” are staples on mainstream radio. Why? How do I know? The band has all the makings of success. Both tracks off of the soon-to-be-released EP are infectious pop/rock hits with neat harmonies, sprawling lead vocals, and effervescent instrumentation. The band combines the upbeat rhythm of Phillip Phillips with the bubbly jollification of American Authors. In short, the band creates fun music, and who does not like the sing along to fun music?

To celebrate their self-titled debut EP, the members of Young Rising Sons are taking off on an American tour in August with Little Daylight, and soon, as I predict now, the band will be in even higher demand. So, do you want to hear what I am talking about? The band’s music will certainly do a far better job than my words. Let’s first take a listen to “King of the World.”

Drums, guitar, and harmony. A little upbeat Vampire Weekend mixed with Imagine Dragons. The difference? Young Rising Sons seems happier. The music is carried by clicking rhythms, quick keys, and sing-along harmonies. Even the short, intra-verse vocal proclamations are tremendous. The song is rich in sound and excitement, and one is tempted to put the song on repeat and listen to it all day. My favorite part? The short bridge breaks the song down and combines all of its elements in a tasteful and skillful combination of influences. It’s a killer piece!

“High,” which you may have heard before (it’s been making its rounds), begins with a sweet whistle followed by lead vocalist Andy Tongren’s effortless vocal. What makes this song? Did you get to the Mika-like chorus yet? Tongren’s falsetto is sweet and uplifting. The whistle is a bit Noah and the Whale-esque. The song is just a testament to the band’s efficacy. I can’t stop listening to it.

Tell all your friends about Young Rising Sons because when the band hits the big time you can say you heard them first!

Check out the band’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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