Colony House releases Van Jam Session of hit song “Silhouettes”

27 Aug

Sometimes all it takes to have a hit song is a sing-along chorus. Everyone loves to sing along with all the woohoo’s in “Song 2,” those na’s in “Hey Jude” (for far too long), and the hey ya’s in, well, “Hey Ya,” and because we can’t get them out of our heads, they become hits, then classics. Looks like Colony House has taken notice with their newest van jamming rendition of their hit single “Silhouettes.”



The studio version of this song is like hearing tinny Young the Giant; the vocals are dripping with reverb and the cute, infatuated lyrics all come together to form a sunny indie pop tune. A great summer song, but seemingly forgettable. But in the van it all changes- they strip away the exact production, add a hiccuping drum machine and kick up that quivering falsetto on those killer whoo-oo’s. We are all driving down the road, down the road in that van with you, hooting like adorable owls.

I have to admit though, their focused expressions do make the van version a personal experience. I loved watching their excited faces, especially when they held eye contact to time the final refrain. Colony House ends up matching the adorable nature of their own song with their body language. “Silhouettes” is on their debut full-length release, When I Was Younger, which is out now. Visit their website for more information. 

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