Fenech-Soler creates fresh sounds on second LP Rituals

10 Sep

Music can sometimes mess with your emotions. I have heard music that completely alters my mood just after hearing the opening chords. Fenech-Soler, fittingly, has the capacity to do this as well. Their second studio album, Rituals, makes for a great dance soundtrack to everyday life, given life’s daily twists and turns.


The sunrise of a fade in that starts the album should get you appropriately pumped for what’s to come. There are as many synths and bass lines as you could want, and I also very much appreciated the steel drums in numbers such as “In Our Blood.” The keyboard creates drama some of the tracks, coming to prominence in “Stonebridge,” the slowest track on the record. The vocals are excited and inspired; paired with the instrumentation, the record becomes infectious and inspiring. The songs vary from lighthearted tunes about falling in love to heavier tracks about losing it. Teenagers will probably label “Lies” as a power electro pop breakup song, because it is perfect the imaginary argument with an ex, shouting “LIES!” in his or her face. (It might catch on with Congressmen as well.) “Two Cities” closes Rituals, doing the whole album prior justice. The song encourages independence, (“We are all that we need!”), before coming to a guitar strum conclusion.

Rituals is out now. Find out more information about Fenech-Soler on their website.

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